I LOVED doing this group! I still can’t believe we got all the senshi, both cats, and Tuxedo Mask?

Photo’s by Vince of

Sailor Moon is opiggynukkao/Facebook Page 

Chibi Moon is me Facebook Page

Sailor Mercury is noshtsherlock/Facebook Page

Sailor Venus is its-electric-lady/Facebook Page

Sailor Mars is tenleid/Facebook Page

Sailor Jupiter is pokemonmasterkimba/Facebook Page

Sailor Saturn is Letho Cosplay

Sailor Uranus is marikathecat/Facebook Page

Sailor Neptune is shannuckles/Facebook Page

Sailor Pluto is slightly-bovverd/Facebook Page

(Source: starmiyas)


Screaming over our little family also punk lesbians

Uranus is Marika

Neptune is Me

Pluto is Bad Wolf

all photos are by Darkain, check out  more of this set here!


Super Sailor Jupiter
costume made and worn by me, photo by Darkain Multimedia

Princess Sunset on Flickr.

Featuring: Callesto as Ariel

Photo by Darkain Multimedia

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Daenerys Targaryen on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Photo by Darkain Multimedia

Featuring: Callesto

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